Belgian Dubbel Duty – This is a Belgian Dubbel that’s big on taste, but easy to drink. Full of flavor and alcohol, this one goes down like a session ale. Perfect for the cooler fall and winter nights where the brews pack a Belgian punch.
Black Dog Lager – Schwarzbier or ‘black beer’, is a German dark lager style. It has an opaque, black color and a full, chocolatey or coffee flavor. Although similar in flavor, Schwarzbiers are milder tasting and less bitter than British stouts or porters, owing to the use of lager rather than ale yeast and no roasted barley.
The Juice is Loose – Join the “Haze Craze”. This delicious New England Style IPA has all the hop flavor and aroma that you want without the bracing bitterness.
Santa’s Secret IPA 2016 – Enjoy this beer while sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the cold holiday weather. The fresh pine and floral hop profiles will perfect match any glittery Christmas tree scene!
Amarillo Summer Saison – A Belgian Summer Ale that is perfectly hopped for the Pacific Northwest. This ale finishes dry and crisp, and will be a huge hit at your summer BBQ’s. For your Signature Summer Flavor, Roll the Dice!
Ichabods Pumpkin Spice 2016 – Ichabod was well known for his spooky night in Sleepy Hollow and the legendary encounter with the Headless Horseman, but long before that fateful night, he was brewing a mighty fine ale – a Pumpkin Ale. As the leaves begin to turn, and the birds prepare for their long journey south, brew up a nice spiced ale that will make the transition of seasons more memorable!”