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Malt & Specialty Grain

Malt is the backbone of your beer. We stock fresh malts from many different malt houses around the world. With nearly 100 different varieties we are sure to have what you need to make your best beer!


It’s been said, “brewers make wort, yeast makes beer”. We believe that to be true, which is why we stock over 120 yeast choices to give your beer the exact character that you are looking for.


Do you have some fruit or grapes that you would like to make into wine? We have all the equipment and expertise to help you with that. We also stock a wide variety of premium wine kits that make delicious wine you would be proud to share with friends and family.

Coffee Roasting

Nothing beats fresh roasted coffee. We have the equipment and supplies you need to roast your own coffee at home. Check out our extensive assortment of green coffee beans as well!


From the maltiest Blonde Ales to Triple IPA’s and Barleywines, hops really make the beer. With over 100 varieties of hops in stock, we can definitely find the right hop character for your special recipe.

Supplies & Equipment

We stock all the supplies and equipment you need to make beer and wine like the pros. From starter sets to advanced stainless steel brewing rigs, we’ve got what you need to put together your dream system.

Cheese Making

Making your own cheese at home is fun and tasty. We have starter kits to get you going and the supplies you need if you are an experienced cheese maker.

Classes & Demonstrations

Our expert team of Homebrew Advisors loves to show people how they can make there own fermented products at home. Be sure to check here for a list of our upcoming demonstrations and classes.