About Us

Our Story –
Opened in February 2014 by long time home brewer Tony Ochsner and his wife Kat, Micro Homebrew is a friendly, informative place for home brewers from beginner to expert.

Tony started brewing after receive a Mr. Beer kit as a Christmas present. Over the years he has improved his processes and brewed on all types of extract and all grain equipment. He has won a few medals in home brew competitions and has even had the opportunity to brew some of his recipes at commercial breweries. He is a BJCP Provisional judge and is preparing to take his tasting exam in early 2020.

Kat has over 30 years of retail and customer service experience. In addition to helping Tony fine tune his recipes, she has brewed a few batches of her own.

Homebrew Advisors –
Our team is really the heart of Micro Homebrew, Zach and Jake bring a true love of homebrewing to their work. They are happy discussing your fermentations, and helping out. They always learn something in the process.